Surviving 72

With Bennett I remember thinking while we were in the hospital, “Can the nurses come home? I’m scared to change his diaper and I don’t remember how to swaddle!” With Stella we counted down to 24 hours so that we could get the hell outta there! It goes to show that with experience comes confidence […]

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Labor Day

A child’s birth day is the most intense, physically and emotionally tolling day of a mom’s life so it’s no surprise that when you are pregnant you will hear 50,000 birth stories. Unfortunately, sometimes this can create more anxiety when you already don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what the pain will feel […]

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Proud Birds

I come from a family of strong, proud women. My baby cousins have grown into gorgeous successful young women that have started or are starting families of their own. My girls are proud birds, gals that are so damn successful in everything they do- they rarely ask for advice (I should know- I can be […]

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