Surviving 72

With Bennett I remember thinking while we were in the hospital, “Can the nurses come home? I’m scared to change his diaper and I don’t remember how to swaddle!” With Stella we counted down to 24 hours so that we could get the hell outta there! It goes to show that with experience comes confidence and that is true for every mom!

I remember thinking so much about what to pack in my hospital bag that I didn’t think much about what I needed when I got home. Baby gear was squared away but I wasn’t. After you move from the L&D room to a postpartum room and you are ready to use the bathroom for the first time the nurse will set you up with everything to feel more comfortable while healing (perineal bottle, ice pack, pads, undies etc…) The hospital will load you up with gear to take home. You will use a perineal water bottle for a couple weeks so make sure one or two go home in your bag, the mesh undies are helpful for a few days. These pads are the best for absorbency without feeling like you are wearing a diaper. Buy cheap black grannie panties to use while you are healing (you will probably want to burn these later 😆).

Now. Let’s talk about the thing that shocked me postpartum that no one told me would happen.

Hemorrhoids.It makes sense, you are pushing out that beautiful miracle of life and when you push and put strain on everything down there.

I had no idea. I had never had an issue with hemorrhoids before and remember being caught so off guard. I remember my mom saying “Everyone has them” like they were no big thing. I felt otherwise.

Warm baths helped. Applying every product in CVS Aisle 3 helped. Knowing it would happen with Stella helped. Amazon prime some products ahead of time so when you get home from the hospital you have them. Babies brought John and I closer in so many beautiful ways but I really didn’t like sending him to the drugstore at 10pm for every product Preparation H makes.

I don’t want to end this post talking about hemorrhoids. Here are some other ideas on how to feel a little more normal in the first 72 hours home:

  • Take a shower everyday
  • The nights will be long but get up every morning and pour yourself a cup of coffee- celebrate making it through the night.
  • Pick out a few cute cozy outfits to wear, you will feel like shit but putting on something you feel cute in will help your mental space.
  • If you are breastfeeding, your nipples are going to hurt- this is normal and I promise if won’t last long. Ice packs and pain killers help.
  • Download the Sprout Baby app or something similar, keeping track of feedings and diaper changes can be hard when you don’t sleep.

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