Labor Day

A child’s birth day is the most intense, physically and emotionally tolling day of a mom’s life so it’s no surprise that when you are pregnant you will hear 50,000 birth stories.

Unfortunately, sometimes this can create more anxiety when you already don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what the pain will feel like and you have only heard (50,000 times) how much it hurts. Not too many women will down play their battle stories. Then there is the options- natural or medicated? Hospital, birthing center or home? Doula?

Here it is straight- child birth is work, but it’s work that your body was made to do. Ride the wave as it gets intense know that relief is on the other side of the contraction. Relax your hands, staying tense will make it harder. Smile. Know that the work you are doing is going to give you the greatest reward of your life.

Most importantly, you are in control. Call the shots, it’s your baby’s birthday but your Labor Day.

If you want something to take the edge off, take it. If you don’t, you can handle the pain.

You got this. Can’t wait to hear you tell your birth story to the next in line.

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