The Mountains are Calling

Taking our first family ski trip together has given me tremendous gratitude to my parents for gifting our family with winter ski vacations every year growing up. I learned to ski at my Bennett’s age (3) and skied every year through my adult life. My first year off was when I was pregnant with my son and this is my first season back after having my daughter. The 5 year hiatus was a little nerve wracking- starting with trying to squeeze my post baby body into my pre baby gear. Thanks to Amazon and borrowing gear from friends everyone got what they needed for the trip. Utah was calling.

To make it work we rented a a condo directly across from the lifts at Park City. We signed Bennett up for all day ski lessons (note: not cheap but well worth planning the extra cash for it). My mom came with us and between John, my mom and I we rotated throughout the day who stayed in the cabin with Stella. Staying so close to the mountain we easily took turns in a few hour increments.

We skied three days and had two travel days making the 5 day vaca the perfect length of time. By the third day of ski lessons Bennett mastered “pizza” and tackled a few runs with us!

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