Self Care Sunday

Between two little ones and running a Railroad I don’t have a whole lot of time for self care (my workout literally happens at 4am or not at all).

Lash extensions are one of the few things that are on my must do self care routine. I started getting lash extensions almost two years ago. The initial investment into a set of “Classic Lashes” is about $150. Classic lashes are one to two lashes extensions glued to one of your natural lashes. Volume lashes are fans of 2-8 lashes glued on every one of your natural lashes. Volumes sets run more expensive and cost about $220.

Every two weeks I go into the lash bar to get a “fill”, it takes about an hour and is the perfect time to take a power nap and relax. Where else can I recline with a cozy blanket, listen to music and be required to close my eyes for an hour?!

A classic fill is 60 bucks. I know many women can stretch a fill to 3-4 weeks but I am hard on my lashes. I work out, sleep on my side and let the water spray my face in the shower. I also love that full lash look.

It took my a while to find “my lash girl”, with lashes increasing in popularity there is a lot of newbies coming to the game so it takes some work to find both talent and experience. Not to mention, each lash artist will have their own style which could give an entirely different look.

My daily make up routine is less than 5 minutes- tinted moisturizer, brow pencil, lip and cheek stain and done. The time I take every two weeks I more than get back each day in time saved getting ready. More than the logistics, it’s hard to put a monetary value on the extra little bit of confidence knowing that on a weekend morning when I am running from Trader Joe’s to Target, maybe working on 5 hours sleep and wearing my 10 year old Lululemons I look just a little bit more out together than I actually am.

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