Life Optimized

A New Year is here and I am buzzing with a fresh list of all I hope to accomplish. Let’s be honest – this list doesn’t look all that different from previous years and I’m okay with that. It’s about realignment and refocus and whether that comes in January or July, I am a fan of introspection. What’s different about 2019?


With the advent of setting new streaks against my 2019 goals I have an insane little tool around my wrist- my brand new, fresh out of the box Apple Watch. At the flick of the wrist and push of the button I can now track my fitness, sleep, water intake and meditate. I am reminded when I haven’t met my movement goals that I can simply take a 13 minute brisk walk to “close that ring”.

While I relish in the organization and efficiency of it all I can’t help but wonder if I’m tracking too much? Even as I write this a reminder popped up to tell me I need to drink a glass of water.

The information makes me a better human- my calendar is synced to google maps to tell me when to leave so that I arrive to appointments on time. In the early days of both my babies I tracked feeding and diaper changes (the diaper app was very well done with a color and texture scale!). Our ancestors didn’t need to graphically track baby’s sleep to keep the human race going but it made me feel a little more in control of something very much out of my control.

My relationship with this new technology is quintessentially American and characteristically millennial. Our culture is one of work even in our pleasure and my generation is one that values optimization.

My fear is that in plugging in, setting streaks and pie charting my macros I am missing something key: listening to my body.

What I want to optimize is the strength of my mind body connection. Being in tune without a wrist buzzing. Moving, fueling, sleeping and breathing as I need to feel my best.

I have just added one more goal to 2019: Listen to my body first. Make decisions that give me energy and balance and use the technology as a tool to learn more about myself.

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