Surviving 72

With Bennett I remember thinking while we were in the hospital, “Can the nurses come home? I’m scared to change his diaper and I don’t remember how to swaddle!” With Stella we counted down to 24 hours so that we could get the hell outta there! It goes to show that with experience comes confidence […]

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Labor Day

A child’s birth day is the most intense, physically and emotionally tolling day of a mom’s life so it’s no surprise that when you are pregnant you will hear 50,000 birth stories. Unfortunately, sometimes this can create more anxiety when you already don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what the pain will feel […]

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Proud Birds

I come from a family of strong, proud women. My baby cousins have grown into gorgeous successful young women that have started or are starting families of their own. My girls are proud birds, gals that are so damn successful in everything they do- they rarely ask for advice (I should know- I can be […]

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The Mountains are Calling

Taking our first family ski trip together has given me tremendous gratitude to my parents for gifting our family with winter ski vacations every year growing up. I learned to ski at my Bennett’s age (3) and skied every year through my adult life. My first year off was when I was pregnant with my […]

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Self Care Sunday

Between two little ones and running a Railroad I don’t have a whole lot of time for self care (my workout literally happens at 4am or not at all). Lash extensions are one of the few things that are on my must do self care routine. I started getting lash extensions almost two years ago. […]

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What Good Looks Like

Twice a year my company partakes in the always popular event of “calibration”. Calibration or sometimes called “leveling” is when the Division leadership team gets together to evaluate our people. Prior to Calibration each employee will write their accomplishments against a set of objectives, the direct supervisor then has to “sell” the higher achievers to […]

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For Rent

A colleague and his partner recently had twins, a beautiful baby boy and girl. Having just had my daughter 6 months ago I have enjoyed being apart of his “pregnancy story”. Listening to the journey from egg donor to surrogate implantation I quickly learned that although I have two children I (apparently) know very little […]

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